Ready To Prioritize Your Spiritual Life?

You want to know God better... you desire daily time with Him... but here's the challenge. How do you find time for God when you barely have time to breathe?

First Things First helps you re-evaluate your priorities and create the freedom and flexibility you need to regularly meet with God!

  • Learn why consistently spending quality time with God is vital to your spiritual health.
  • Identify your best time and place to meet with God.
  • Create a plan to minimize and eliminate distractions.

Please accept this exclusive book as our gift to you!


"First Things First offers great insight into the importance of making God a daily priority in our lives.  I love the clarity of this workbook as it gives easy action steps on how to set up the right devotion time for you - no matter the season of life you are in.  There are also several scripture verses given that help you better understand why God calls us to always put Him first."

Kimberly Allston

Real Connection Ministry

Hello Friend!

We're Roy & Ramona. Like you, we wear many hats. We know what it's like to struggle to meet God in the midst of our busy days. We also know what it's like to reassess our priorities and make time for Jesus, the One who provides rest for our weary souls.

Imagine what your life would look like if you began to live with more intentionality. Think about whom you would become if you began putting God first and prioritizing your spiritual growth!

We invite you to do that right now! First Things First contains everything you need to create a personalized plan for spending more time with God. Don't miss this opportunity to begin transforming your spiritual life!