Unlock Your
Spiritual Gift

Do you believe God has given you the ability to teach?  Are you ready to put your spiritual gift to use? Great news - we created Unlocking Your Gift: Possibilities For Spiritually Gifted Teachers with you in mind! In this workbook, you'll:


  • Learn about spiritual gifts by studying key passages.
  • Define the spiritual gift of teaching.
  • Identify five characteristics of gifted teachers.
  • Discover where to teach (inside/outside the church).
  • Find the right people and ministries to work with.
  • Explore how the gift of teaching operates in your life.

Please accept this exclusive workbook as our gift to you!

Possibilities For Spiritually Gifted Teachers

I came to Roy and Ramona as a “baby” Christian, with so many questions. During this time, I was just beginning to dive into the Bible. While I was curious about what I was reading, I didn’t have much understanding nor was I equipped to know how to fully interpret and incorporate the Bible into my life.

Roy and Ramona helped me establish a foundation to build my faith on.

As a result, I have been able to take that foundation and mature in my faith to a point where I am leading my own small group with my husband. Instead of being that confused “baby” Christian, I am now confident in my faith, able to share my knowledge and my heart for Jesus with others.

Roy and Ramona are so much more than just Bible teachers or mentors to me.

They are family.

Jessica Beluscak

Olive Branch Church

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We’re Roy and Ramona , the founders of Light And Manna.


Have you ever wondered what it would take to lead a more meaningful, purposeful and rewarding life?


If so, you are not alone!


Most of us have experienced the pain of working jobs that don’t fulfill us, enduring relationships that didn’t nurture us, and pursuing things that over-promise but under-deliver.


But God created us with purpose. He gifted us to impact people in ways that only we can!


If you’re ready to pursue God’s mission for your life, we invite you to learn more about your spiritual gift. Click below to get FREE copy of Unlocking Your Gift today!