Who We Are

Do you have questions about the Bible but no one to ask? Is deepening your relationship with God high on your list of spiritual priorities? Do you long to be part of a thriving spiritual community that encourages, inspires and sharpens you as you grow in your faith?

Hello – we’re Roy and Ramona and we’re delighted to welcome you to Light And Manna! For decades, we’ve helped people in our local churches transform their lives by teaching them how to dig deep into God’s Word and engage in theologically rich yet highly relevant Bible studies. Through this community, we envision offering you the same opportunities, regardless of your location. Since nothing gives us greater joy than seeing people draw close to God and experiencing the freedom that comes from learning and applying Scripture, we invite you to join us!

Light And Manna is the place to come when you want to strengthen and nourish yourself in God’s Word. Whether you’ve walked with Jesus for days or for decades, you need to surround yourself with trustworthy teachers who will help you grow. You learn to walk by faith by emulating Christians who cling to God’s promises. You begin to experience real spiritual transformation by applying the tried and true principles from the Bible to your life.

Explore our site, introduce yourself and join our community. We can’t wait to meet you!